TactileTab - Next-generation Tactile Displays

Within his project funded by the European Research Council in the framework of the ERC Consolidator Grant CaLA, the NeptunLab will harness novel microfluidic concepts for setting up large-scale tactile displays for the visually impaired.

Water on FluoroporFluoropor - Engineering the Lotus Effect 2.0

Within this project funded by the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Ministry of Education and Research) within the framework Vom Material zur Innovation (From Material to Innovation) a new class of highly fluorinated super-repellent and transparent polymer coatings are being developped. This new class of material referred to as "Fluoropor" can be used as a generic protective coating.


3DPrintedGlass33D Printing and Rapid Prototyping of Fused Silica Glass

The NeptunLab has pioneered a novel technique for manufacturing intricate structures with micrometer feature resolution in fused silica glass. This work has been featured in our recent publication in Nature. This is an enabling technology for many areas in academia, industry and everyday life. Glass has been among the first materials mankind has used. However, it has largely remained ignored in the manufacturing revolution of the 21st century. Our work is about to change this.