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Glassomer on the cover of Science
Our revolutionary Glassomer materials have been used for Computed Axial Lithography CAL at UC Berkeley for printing glass and made it to the cover of Science Magazine.
Glassomer Technology published in Science
Our worldwide unique technology of glass making is published in Science - check out how glasses will be made in the future!
BMBF NanoMat Grant
Dorothea Helmer has received 1.9 million Euro for her project on volumetric 3D printing
Gips Schüle Nachwuchs Award
Frederik Kotz has received the Young Researcher Award of the Gips Schüle Stiftung
Deutscher Studienpreis
Frederik Kotz received the Deutsche Studiepreis by the Körber Stiftung for his phD thesis
Nature Communications - Solid Template Replication
A new method for generating 3D hollow microstructures in fused silica glass was reported. By embedding a polymeric template, channel structures are produced with high precision.
KIT Doctoral Award
Frederik Kotz received the KIT doctoral award for his thesis on new materials for 3D printing (Foto: Andreas Dollinger, KIT)
ERC Consolidator Grant for Bastian Rapp
Bastian Rapp receives a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant for the development of portable tactile displays for the visually impaired
GMM Award 2018
Frederik Kotz received the GMM Award 2018 for his publication on 3D printing of glass
Our first Nature paper!
Three-dimensional printing of transparent fused silica glass

Recent publications

Mader, M., Prediger, R., Schell, K. G., Schmidt, G., Dorn, A., Jenne, S., Kluck, S., Hambitzer, L., Luitz, M., Schwarz, C., Milich, M., Greiner, C., Rapp, B. E., Kotz-Helmer, F., Injection Molding of Magnesium Aluminate Spinel Nanocomposites for High-Throughput Manufacturing of Transparent Ceramics. Adv. Sci. 2022, 2204385. | Link

Kluck, S., Hambitzer, L., Luitz, M. et al. Replicative manufacturing of metal moulds for low surface roughness polymer replication. Nat Commun 13, 5048 (2022). Link

P. Pezeshkpour, K. Sachsenheimer, A. Goralczyk, F. Mayoussi, M. Mader, F. Kotz-Helmer, D. Helmer, B. E. Rapp, A Real-Time Capacitive Sensor to Detect the Stability of Salvinia Layers on Porous Superhydrophobic Polymers Under Shear, Adv. Mater. Technol., 2022, 2200287 | Link

A. Goralczyk, S. Bhagwat, F. Mayoussi, N. Nekoonam, K. Sachsenheimer, P. Hou, F. Kotz-Helmer, D. Helmer, B. E. Rapp, Application of Micro/Nanoporous Fluoropolymers with Reduced Bioadhesion in Digital Microfluidics, Nanomaterials, 2022, 12(13), 2201 | Link

A. Goralczyk, F. Mayoussi,  M. Sanjaya, S. Franco Corredor, S. Bhagwat, Q. Song, S. Schwenteck, A. Warmbold, P. Pezeshkpour, B. E. Rapp, On-Chip Chemical Synthesis Using One-Step 3D Printed Polyperfluoropolyether, Chem Ing Tech (Weinh), 2022, 94, No. 7, 1–9 | Link